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Sunday, September 24, 2017
What we do / Software Development

Software Development

Custom software development is the process of creating software products that suit the clients needs and requirements and enable automation of processes that will reduce the operational costs of their business. The key to a successful software is the deep understanding of business processes. Since each business has different processes, our team works close and in collaboration with our clients to understand and finally to deliver the best possible software solution, whether this is desktop, web or database application. 

Since each business needs and requirements are unique, they demand specialized management. Our way of doing business is to treat each client as unique; working with you to gain an understanding of your Business IT needs and priorities which will enable us to deliver a truly bespoke service. 

We always intend to provide our customers with a sustainable competitive advantage by offering cost-effective software solutions. Since our inception, our dedication and determination is to complete each project as per our client‘s needs. In order to do so, our software developers endeavor to improve their expertise regarding Software Development anticipating to achieve our main goal - to become one of the most admired software solutions providers in Cyprus.

software upgrade reasons

Process automation

Process automation is a business strategy that aims to the business overall cost reduction by automating  the standard sequence of operations (called workflow) that allows you to complete your work. This can be achieved by analyzing and re-designing the workflows and processes within your organization with the integration of custom software solutions, specially designed and developed to fit your line of work. 


Our team at 7solutions is able to advice your business on how to best use information technology to meet your business objectives and can assist you with visualization of the final product, design, implementation, deployment, management and administration of your IT system.

Therefore depending of the nature of your work, we can determine the best practices regarding:

  • Processes
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Flow control
  • Monitoring

Requirement analysis

Requirement analysis is critical to the success of any software system. As the new system will be used in the environment of your business it is important to understand this environment and extract the important processes out of it. For this reason requirements analysis is a team effort between the developers / analysts and the users / stakeholders of the system.

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