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Sunday, September 24, 2017
What we do / Internet Marketing

Internet marketing

Internet has changed our lives in such a degree, that our day-to-day activities always include some use of it, whether through email, facebook or even just going online to read the newspaper. Every day, more and more people become computer-literate and active users of the internet. All of these people, are potential customers of your business. Businesses that do not capitalize by using these techniques find themselves to be less competitive and given the current economic situation, everybody needs that strategic advantage over their rivals. Achieving competitive advantage strengthens and positions a business better within its business environment.

Social media

Due to the fact that the amount of people using social media sites constantly increases, the opportunities for effective advertising through these networks becomes more and more attractive to companies. Given that, not only makes sense to advertise on the most popular social platforms, but it is now necessary. Depending on the social network, there are different demographic profiles and use cases that may provide good advertising opportunities, according to the objectives of each company. We set ourselves responsible, not only to create your company profile on the network(s) of your choice, but also to advise you for the platform(s) that will likely prove more useful than others.
Social media

, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and Google+ are the most popular social media sites and those are the ones we focus on. All of these platforms are developing innovative ways to target advertising messages, based on the huge amount of data they possess about their users. We are able to inform you about the paid opportunities offered by each of these networks and suggest the most suitable for your business advertising.

  Facebook Advertising

Facebook’s advertising platform is by far the most developed and widely used of all social networks. Despite that fact, prices are much lower compared to the other major platforms. This makes Facebook advertising available and affordable for even the smallest businesses with the most limited budgets for adverising.
Facebook allows users to target messages by a host of different criteria, which are determined from users’ profile information. Whether you want to reach 20 to 30 year-old men or 40 to 55 year-old women, people who like football or people who listen to rock music, Facebook can deliver that demographic due to its scale and targeting capability.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn advertising has the advantage that is extremely effective for Business to business industries because of the professional information it uses to target the "LinkedInAds". LinkedIn allows you to deliver advertising only to people with certain qualifications or titles, such as marketing director or sales manager. This makes the advertising spending very efficient since not only it will reach exactly the targeted audience but also the platform’s prices are currently really low .

Twitter Advertising

Although twitter is currently the most underdeveloped advertising platform, since it only offers advertising to large brands in the form of “Sponsored Tweets”, however it is almost certain that they will begin to offer an advertising product to smaller customers as they claim that this is  one of their top priorities at the moment. The way it works is simple. Advertisers pay per impression to have their tweet show up at the top of feeds when certain hash-tags(#) are used or for certain search terms on Twitter’s search engine.

If you are convinced that your business needs to be advertised, 7solutions' internet marketing specialists will be more than happy to assist you, guide you, or even undertake entirely your internet marketing campaign, either the latter is intended for the public in Cyprus or for an even wider audience

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